Yes, Investing $100,000 in Boston-Area Companies Live on Stage Is Bananas


If there’s only one event you can attend this year—just one—it has to be the FutureM Shark Tank on October 25. That’s because you’re going to see real companies and real entrepreneurs receive $100,000 of actual money on the spot.

And because you’ll get to view those companies through the eyes of luminaries like Fred Destin (Atlas Venture), Pete Blacklow (GSN, Boston Seed), Katie Rae (TechStars), Dharmesh Shah (HubSpot), Nicole Stata (Boston Seed), and Mike Troiano (Actifio, MikeTrap’s Italian Meatballs).

Of course, it’s also because it’s part of Future M—a 2-day celebration of awesome M things thrown by MITX—and because it’s designed by BzzAgent—renowned for MITX events like The Sausage Fest, Monsters of Pork, and Tacopocalypse.

And because this event is a representation of the strength and conviction of Boston’s currently spectacular—dare I say, halcyon—entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Oh, and because it’s going to be fun as hell.

Right now, all sorts of Boston-area companies are submitting their nominations to be considered for a piece of the $100,000. Yes, make this the event of the year, we need spectacular companies to nominate themselves. Yes, you should submit yours. And seriously, tell your friends. If you do one thing today, that’s the thing.

Submissions have no restrictions. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life, all levels of experiences, developing companies of all types are welcome. The Sharks don’t care what stage the companies are at, or if it’s a product or a service or if it’s digital or tangible. They just want the best of the best. So get your name in now, chum (we won’t actually say that early submissions will be taken more seriously. It won’t make a difference. Unless it does…).

Nominations will be accepted until October 5, at which point the Boston Shark Team will pick at least 6 companies to make the final list. Then, on October 25, we’ll convene at Microsoft’s NERD Center at 4:00 PM, where the companies will get a chance to pitch their businesses. There will be a live studio audience (yes, this will sell out so please sign up early) who will be active participants in evaluating the companies. Before the day is out, the Sharks will cut deals to invest real money from Dharmesh, Atlas Venture and Boston Seed (plus some special folks to be named later!).

Yes, this is going to be bananas. Think monkeys swinging off trees bananas.

Oh, and afterward, we’re going to have a really, really killer party.

With lots of booze. And maybe some bananas.

And then we can really celebrate everything Boston has become.

Dave Balter is a Co-founder and Partner at Flipside Crypto. He previously co-founded Mylestone, Smarterer, and BzzAgent. Follow @DaveBalter

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