WikiCell Whips Up $10M from Flagship and Polaris for Edible Food Packaging

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No, Julian Assange is not involved. Not as far as we know, anyway.

WikiCell Designs, a startup based in Cambridge, MA, and Paris, France, said today it has closed $10 million in Series A funding led by Flagship Ventures and Polaris Venture Partners. The idea behind the company is to produce edible forms of food and beverage packaging that can replace paper and plastic—think about how nature protects fruits like grapes, oranges, and coconuts.

WikiCell is led by co-founder and new CEO Robert Connelly, who recently left the helm of biotech firm Pulmatrix. The technology comes from a team led by Harvard professors David Edwards and Donald Ingber, industrial designer Francois Azambourg, and an international network of designers and scientists at ArtScience Labs.

No word yet on exactly how it works (or how mainstream it could become), but the idea of digestible wrappers and skins to replace millions of tons of waste is an appealing one. The company already has demonstrated edible packaging (which is delicious, it adds) for juice, yogurt, ice cream, fruit, cheese, soup, and other items. WikiCell expects to release its first commercial products next year.

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One response to “WikiCell Whips Up $10M from Flagship and Polaris for Edible Food Packaging”

  1. Kruger says:

    wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of food being packaged in the first place?