GrabCAD Shifts to Collaborative Software for Design Firms, Looks to Go Big

A local startup appears to be building something like the “GitHub for CAD.” Does that mean anything to you?

Well, GitHub is the open-source software hosting company that raised $100 million from Andreessen Horowitz earlier this summer. CAD is computer-aided design, which the Boston area is famous for (see SolidWorks, Parametric Technology Corporation, and others). And the startup in question is Cambridge, MA-based GrabCAD, which is backed by Matrix Partners, Atlas Venture, NextView Ventures, and other investors to the tune of over $5 million.

GrabCAD was known for creating an online marketplace for connecting mechanical engineers with people who wanted stuff built—automotive parts, furniture, mobile devices, you name it. Well, it turns out the Estonian-born company has been heads-down with a different focus since the beginning of this year. GrabCAD has closed its marketplace—though it still has companies hosting design challenges—and is working on a collaborative CAD product for businesses.

Hardi Meybaum, GrabCAD’s co-founder and CEO, didn’t give a lot of details about the new product, which he says will be out late this year or early next. But he did say it represents a strategy shift for the company, and … Next Page »

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2 responses to “GrabCAD Shifts to Collaborative Software for Design Firms, Looks to Go Big”

  1. Bob says:

    Product development collaboration is much more than CAD model collaboration.

  2. Thanks for covering GrabCAD Greg. I was happy to get the update.