Active Endpoints Launches Software for Simple Enterprise Mobile Access

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integration with software. “Sales people are notoriously bad at updating information in Salesforce,” Taber says.

So, after a sales meeting, users can talk into their phone to record notes into the wizard, and use touch screens for managing other items like calendar appointments and yes/no follow up questions within the customer relationship management (CRM) system. It’s a similar strategy that’s being chased by Cambridge, MA-based Yesware, which is hoping to use mobile and e-mail interfaces to report information on sales leads in CRM software like Salesforce.

Ultimately, though, it could extend to many more types of enterprise software programs and business users. “The vision is for everybody,” Taber says.

He says the mobile software could be especially useful for doctors as they interact with patients. They could use the voice-to-text features for recording notes in electronic medical records, as well as ordering labs tests.

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