Xconomy Boston’s Top 20 Stories of Q2 2012: Editor’s Picks

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You know the drill. Half of 2012 is in the books, and it’s time now to look back on our editor’s picks for top stories of Q2. Because I said so, that’s why.

As usual, these aren’t always the highest-traffic stories (though in some cases they are). They are the stories that exemplify the reporting, writing, and editing that we do, day in and day out, as we cover the business of technology and life sciences across our network of cities. These stories remind us of what types of journalism stand the test of time—and help us stand out from the pack. In all cases, we strive to bring you stories and insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Without further ado:

Top 10 Tech Stories of Q2:

Nara Pockets $4M for Neuroscience-Driven Personalized Web Discovery

Juliet Marine’s “Ghost” Ship Emerges from Stealth Startup, Gears Up for War

Ministry of Supply Puts MIT Engineering Cred Into Dress Shirts

TiE Angels Boston, Now in Second Year, Looks to Make More Deals

Massachusetts’ New Big-Data Initiative to Include MIT, Intel, and HackReduce

From MIT Entrepreneur to Tea Party Leader: The Thomas Massie Story

What TechStars’ Progress in Boston Really Means for Innovation

Reid Hoffman: Not All Tech Is Social (Think Toilets); Being Better Humans Is the Key

Google, ITA, and the Future of Travel: It’s All About Data, Not Search

From Internet Plumbing to Tweeting With Zappos: The Dyn Story

Microsoft Research’s Jennifer Chayes: 5 Projects for the Future of Computing


Top 10 Life Sciences and Healthcare Stories of Q2:

After Big Oops, Vertex Plows Ahead With Cystic Fibrosis Drug Combo

Roche Deal Gives Seaside a Leg Up in Autism Race

Gamification Hits Healthcare as Startups Vie for Cash and Partners

Ready or Not, Genomics Is Coming to a Hospital Near You

Why Would a Biotech Company Go to the Trouble of Changing Its Name?

Xconomist of the Week: Tom Maniatis on Prize4Life and ALS Research

N-of-One Names CEO, Forms Pact With Foundation Medicine

New Data on Genzyme MS Drug Shows Improvement in Disability

Progress for Pervasis and InVivo: A Boost for Regenerative Efforts?