Semprus, Nara, UberSense, & More Names from the Boston Deal Roundup

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Palo Alto, CA-based Freshplum, a newly de-stealthed company working on analytics technology to help guide company pricing decisions.

—On the East Coast, Web startup Nara Logics also came out of stealth mode and announced a $4 million funding round from Peter de Roetth and other angel investors. The Cambridge-based company also launched the public beta version of its online personalized consumer search engine.

—A couple of Boston-area companies are set to make their debut on the public markets this week: Waltham-based cancer drug developer Tesaro, looking to sell 6 million shares at $12 to $15 apiece, and Exa, a Burlington, MA-based maker of software for vehicle simulations. Exa hopes to sell 6.25 million shares at $11 to $13 each.

—An SEC filing from earlier this week shows that Cambridge-based UberSense, a TechStars Boston 2012 graduate that uses mobile and video tech to connect athletes and coaches, has raised $1.15 million in an equity round from 15 investors.

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