Nara Pockets $4M for Neuroscience-driven, Personalized Web Discovery

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tapping into another prominent aspect of the Boston tech scene that just about every new startup is trying to work into their company description these days: big data.

“The way that the Web has evolved, there’s an infinite amount of information getting pumped into it, and it’s something we can’t keep up with as human beings,” Copeman says.

The startup—which now numbers about 15 people—is focused on this approach of processing and making meaning of complex data, rather than making search more relevant through, say, social networks. “The social layer—it’s not the route that we decided to go. We think our approach is better,” he says.

Nara is focused on growing its user base for the restaurant search tool, and then extend the technology to other consumer verticals like shopping and travel. Its board includes executives from the likes of Expedia, Intuit, and Sprint.

Marketing a completely new consumer Web technology in an already crowded field could prove challenging, but that’s where Copeman’s background could be a big help. Prior to his big Boston move, he co-founded the sports balm company Bodyglide, and co-founded the Australian division of Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ: LULU), the sports apparel brand that went public in 2007 and now has a $9.3 billion market cap.

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