XSITE 2012: Accelerating Innovation, Captured on Camera

Xconomy Boston — 

Don’t fret if you weren’t one of the 500 or so people registered for our XSITE conference yesterday. We’ve pulled together the top 10 quotes and takeaways from the program, and for those who learn by seeing, we’ve got a photo gallery too.

Our theme for the day at Babson College was Accelerating Innovation, and we brought in top thinkers from established and startup companies near and far to share their insights. Phil Libin of Evernote gave a candid lists of reasons why not to start a company, Terrafugia’s Carl Dietrich conceded that it was OK to call his company’s vehicle a flying car, and Bill Warner advised founders to chase joy, not pain relief, when creating a company. And that’s not even the half of it. Take a look through the images below to get a more comprehensive look at the day, and try to spot yourself in the crowd if you were there. A big thanks to everyone who was part of the event.

XSITE 2012: Accelerating Innovation — Evernote CEO Phil Libin advised against becoming an entrepreneur for the power. He says CEOs are really at the bottom of the org chart!
Photo by Keith Spiro Photography courtesy of Kendall Press
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2 responses to “XSITE 2012: Accelerating Innovation, Captured on Camera”

  1. Bill GhormleyWghormley says:

    INSPIRING!  XSITE-ing   (;->
    If you weren’t there, READ Erin and Greg, and go thru Keith’s pix — JOY = GOOD!!
    U heard it heeahh …  
    Get XSITEd!

  2. Melki Ko says:

    Ahh, what a great experience, thanks for the capture! Wish I could have drawn more applause through my “pump ups”!