Coaching Program Springboard Hits Boston With Life Sciences Entrepreneurs

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$5 billion in capital and seen eight IPOs. They’ve created 10,000 jobs and have a total $4 billion in annual revenue.

Here’s a rundown of the companies and entrepreneurs who are part of the current life sciences venture forum:

AFrame Digital—A Reston, VA-based provider of mobile health monitoring technology, led by president and CEO Cindy Crump.

Aura Biosciences—A Cambridge, MA-based cancer drug developer led by CEO Elisabet de los Pinos.

Careticker—A developer of mobile and Web tools helping doctors monitor patients’ progress following major medical procedures. Based in West Palm Beach, FL and led by CEO Chiara Bell.

HDH Medical—Based in Haifa, Israel, this startup develops medical device and surgical tools for vascular graft procedures. Led by CEO Irina Kavounovski.

Health Crowd—A text-messaging-based platform enabling insurers to communicate with patients. Based in Cupertino, CA and led by CEO Neng Bing Doh.

InfoBionic—A Lowell, MA-based developer of remote, cloud-based cardiac monitoring technology. Led by CEO and co-founder Nancy Briefs.

Qliance Medical Management—A Seattle-based company led by president and CEO Erika Bliss. Qliance offers healthcare for a flat monthly fee, without requiring insurance.

Regenesis Biomedical—Led by president and CEO Virginia Rybski, Scottsdale, AZ-based Regenesis develops tissue regenerative medicine products.

SynAm Vaccine—The Rockville, MD based company is developing vaccines for neutralizing the major toxin found in the pneumococcus bacteria. Vice president of business development Carolyn Chen presented at Springboard.

Tiatros—The San Francisco-based company is led by founder and CEO Kimberlie Cerrone and provides virtual doctors’ offices offering personalized treatment plans.

Ubiqi Health—Based in Somerville, MA, Ubiqi develops tools for gathering patient health data to understand chronic medical conditions. Led by CEO Jacqueline Thong.

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  1. Congratulations to all the new Springboard Alumni!