Buildium, Boosted by Real Estate Bust, Sees a Big Mobile Future

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at $25 per month, and comes in three different flavors, for landlords, property managers, and the heads of condo associations. The price goes up depending on the number of properties a user is managing.

Buildium just released its iPhone and Android apps, which “is the first phase in a larger strategy to be available on any device anywhere,” Monteiro says. For now, landlords can access the software on their phone when visiting a site, to do things like document needed repairs or see their properties on a map. The company plans to add features that allow prospective renters to submit applications via a tablet on the spot after viewing an apartment, or sign lease agreements electronically.

Buildium has raised no outside funding and has been profitable for the past two years, taking the “slower, organic growth path,” says Monteiro. The 35-person company has customers in more than 30 countries, even though its software comes in English and is focused on the U.S. A new financing round could help it more intentionally expand into those new markets, by adding new customer support services and the like, Monteiro says.

Property managers and landlords are arguably not the most tech-savvy customers, but Monteiro has big goals for Buildium. His hope is for the company to take on the property management software space the way Salesforce has in CRM.

“There is no dominant player in our space yet, but there will be,” Monteiro says. “That’s the real opportunity.”

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