The Harvard Fashion Tech Crew, Round Two

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LookLab — We couldn’t resist including this company from a Harvard Law School alum. Co-founded by siblings Suraj and Radha Kapoor, this startup provides an online, public forum for users to get wardrobe advice from stylists and buy the suggested products. Stylists on the site answer questions on how to dress for a wide range of occasions—from vacation in Italy to a Great Gatsby theme party.  Having worked as an attorney in New York for eight years, Radha says she didn’t get out much for shopping, and thought online style experts could the improve e-commerce experience. “When I was at law school, I did have this curiosity and itch about the other side of the river,” Radha says of the happenings at the business school. The LookLab site launched late last year and is in the process of growing its user and stylist community.

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