Reinventing Fire, An Evening with Amory Lovins-In Photos

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Out-of-towner Amory Lovins drew a packed audience to Kendall Square last Thursday for a chat about his vision for our energy future—and how it can be achieved with better economics, no new acts of Congress or government regulation, and no major shift in our lifestyles. Lovins—co-founder, chairman, and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute—co-authored the book, Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era, in which he outlines how to run a 2.6-times-bigger economy by 2050 without oil, coal, or nukes, and with one-third less natural gas and much lower costs.

He took the stage with Flagship Ventures general partner Jim Matheson, a leading local authority on energy and sustainability, and answered questions from the audience. Those who had purchased the book flocked to the stage after the program to get their Lovins autograph. Our host Draper Laboratory provided a great setting for the event.

Below is a mix of photos that give a glimpse into the evening. We didn’t get everyone’s name in there, but attendees, hopefully you will see yourself in the mix.

Photo by Keith Spiro Photography courtesy of Kendall Press

Reinventing Fire, An Evening with Amory Lovins — It was an especially energetic crowd that gathered to hear Lovins–there was lots of networking and discussion before and after the chat.
Photo by Keith Spiro Photography courtesy of Kendall Press
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