Hope to See You Tonight for Chat with Amory Lovins-Few Tickets Left

I’m getting excited for tonight’s chat featuring two great energy—and clean energy—experts. Coming in from out of town as the star of the show is Amory Lovins, the visionary cofounder, chairman, and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. He will be chatting with Jim Matheson, general partner of Flagship Ventures, and one of New England’s leading authorities on energy and sustainability.

Both men think a lot about how to bring energy needs and constraints in tune with commercial and lifestyle realities. Lovins advocates that it is possible to run a 2.6x-bigger economy by 2050 without oil, coal, or nukes, not to mention one-third less natural gas—and much lower costs. He has detailed all this in a new book he co-authored called Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era. And he will be sharing many of the details tonight with our audience.

This should be a truly insightful evening—and we still have a few tickets left. The event takes place at 6pm at Draper Laboratory in Kendall Square. There will be an hour of networking, with the chat itself set for 7-8pm, followed by still more networking. Matheson promises there will be plenty of time for audience questions as well.

So act fast and get your tickets here to this eye-opening evening.

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