Calling All Boston-Area Marketing Mavens…

Xconomy Boston — 

…or really just one great one: Xconomy needs your help. We’re busy cranking out terrific tech and life sciences journalism and putting on stellar events across the six cities in our network, and we’re looking for a kick-ass marketing coordinator to help us get the word out about all of it.

Full details are here, but in a nutshell: This is a full-time position in our Cambridge, MA, headquarters, ideal for somebody who is happiest when juggling a bunch of diverse projects. We need a person who enjoys figuring stuff out as s/he goes along, and has just enough of the old OCD to pull it off without too many embarrassing typos. Some main areas of focus will include marketing our events, managing our social media efforts, and marketing reprints and premium products.

If doing all that in an extremely collegial, slightly wacky startup environment sounds like your idea of a good time we want to hear from you at [email protected].

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8 responses to “Calling All Boston-Area Marketing Mavens…”

  1. Susan Salmon says:

    I might be the women u r looking for. I know i can sell your stuff !!
    email me or call me 617-704-3351 cell. Looking forward to speaking or hearing from you.

    The Tornado

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