Meet the 13 New TechStars Boston Startups

The cool thing about TechStars is that it is often surprising. The startup accelerator and seed-stage investment firm, which runs programs in four cities around the U.S., announced its newest class of Boston entrepreneurs (the fourth so far) last night. And while I’ve heard of a couple of the startups, most of them are brand new to me.

We’re looking forward to getting to know the teams as they evolve. Meantime, here’s a quick introduction to TechStars Boston’s lucky 13, with my interpretation of what each is doing (some names and approaches will probably change):

Bison Alternatives (Web platform for raising alternative investments)

Libboo (social/collaborative publishing)

GymPact (mobile app for health/exercise)

Psykosoft (creating art and music through software)

Zagster (better bicycle rentals)

Testive (adaptive educational testing)

Simply Good Technologies (digital/mobile couponing)

docTrackr (document tracking, metrics, and access control)

Murfie (online music market)

Mortar Data (Hadoop big data processing made easy)

Ubersense (helping athletes through video analysis)

Shopsy (social/personalized online shopping)

Lessonsmith (collaborative lesson planning)

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