The Genetics Institute Impact: Some Great Memories and Photos

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The Genetics Institute Impact — Tuan Ha-Ngoc, the CEO of Aveo Pharmaceuticals, told the story of how Gabe Schmergel once insisted Ha-Ngoc fix a one-sided collaboration with GI’s biggest corporate benefactor at the time, Baxter Healthcare. It was a daunting assignment, going up against such an important partner. He ended up turning a small royalty stream into a 40 percent split of the profits of one of Baxter’s products.
photo by Keith Spiro
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3 responses to “The Genetics Institute Impact: Some Great Memories and Photos”

  1. David Merberg says:

    What a great evening! Thanks so much for pulling it together and thanks to everyone who came. It’s easy to forget how deep the talent, commitment, and team spirit was at GI. Last night brought it all back.