25 Photos from Xconomy’s 6×6: Six Cities, Six Big Tech Ideas

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What exactly does 6×6 come out to? A half-day of understanding a bit more about how geniuses run companies; listening to innovators share new ways to tackle Web publishing, marketing, travel search, cloud IT, unmanned aerial vehicles, and more; and catching on to new startups. Oh, plus some very high-quality networking. That’s what we saw at the Xconomy Forum last Thursday, called “6×6: Six Cities, Six Big Tech Ideas,” hosted graciously by the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology in Boston.

Stephen Wolfram (aforementioned genius) kicked off the event with a keynote talk about taking on seemingly impossible projects and making them succeed. The program followed up with presentations from six companies across the Xconomy network with six potentially transformative ideas: Jason Baptiste of OnSwipe (New York); Nathaniel Borenstein of Mimecast (representing Detroit); Dave Icke from MC10 (Boston); Adam Goldstein from Hipmunk (San Francisco); Kabir Shahani from Appature (Seattle); and Bill Walker from Northrop Grumman (San Diego).

Shorter “burst” presentations from emerging Boston-area startups (Krush, Jana, Apptegic, Crashlytics), and an interactive demo of emotion-analyzing tech from Affectiva rounded out the day.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to our event sponsors, Turnstone and Windstream Hosted Solutions, for making this day possible. Thanks also to our event partner, MassTLC, and our design sponsor, Mixtur, and to all of our underwriters and venture capital members.

We can’t fully do justice to the thought-provoking presentations and incredible mix of guests and speakers here, but we’ve boiled it down as best we can with a 25-picture photo gallery. You can click through below to get a glimpse of the presenters and snapshots of our audience.

6×6: Six Cities, Six Big Tech Ideas — Audience listens in as the program kicks off
photo by Keith Spiro of Kendall Press

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