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Genetics Institute Mementos: A Slide Show

Xconomy Boston — 

Rummage through some of the memorabilia from Genetics Institute and a couple things become obvious right away.

This was a company full of young, idealistic people that worked hard and knew how to have a good time.

There’s the company softball jersey with “DNAces” stitched on the back. There’s a coffee mug that’s supposed to show the structure of a protein when filled with hot liquid. Then there’s a pen with the extremely nerdy inscription of “Genetics Institute Hemophilia Group: Providing Recombinant Peace of Mind.”

I’ve been having a lot of fun digging through all these GI goodies as I get ready for Xconomy’s next big life sciences event in Boston—“The Genetics Institute Impact” on Dec. 14. A big thanks go out to GI alumni Dale Blank and Gina Nugent, who are sharing a treasure trove of company memorabilia as part of this special event for the Boston biotech community.

They’ve contributed a GI golf ball, GI towel, GI watch, GI baseball hat, GI hardhat, GI T-shirts, a GI softball jersey, GI coffee mugs, and even a silver GI shovel that was used for a groundbreaking ceremony in Andover in 1999. There are trophies, newsletters, analyst reports, company memos, and annual reports too. All of this stuff will be on display for folks who come to this big reunion-style event on Dec. 14.

Here are some photographs of the memorabilia that I snapped around the office. If you have other photos or memorabilia you’d like to contribute for this event, please send me a note at ltimmerman@xconomy.com. But for now, enjoy! And see you at the event on Dec. 14.

The Genetics Institute Impact — GI’s management team, pictured in the 1990 annual report. From left to right, Patrick Gage, Garen Bohlin, Gabe Schmergel, Tuan Ha-Ngoc.
Photo from 1990 Genetics Institute annual report
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One response to “Genetics Institute Mementos: A Slide Show”

  1. Risa Glass says:

    Just wanted to say that that’s me on the cover! With Larry Ryan. So excited to see this here! I think I have a copy of this at home, too~ See you all Decemebr 14th!

    Risa Glass
    GI Employee from 1987-2010