Editor’s Picks: Xconomy Boston’s Top 20 Stories of the Third Quarter

Xconomy Boston — 

All this talk about quarterly earnings and venture stats reminded me: I never posted my favorite stories from Xconomy Boston’s third quarter.

Yes, I know it’s almost the end of October, and the third quarter ended a month ago. I must have been traumatized by the collapse of the Red Sox or something (is baseball still going on?). Go ahead, run me out of town like Theo and Tito.

This time, I’m not consulting with my colleagues. I’m a rebel, a maverick. I work alone. Without further ado, here are my favorite stories from July through September:

Top 10 Tech Stories:

Entrepreneur Walk of Fame Opens in Kendall Square: Gates, Jobs, Kapor, Hewlett, Packard, Swanson, and Edison Are Inaugural Inductees

Vlingo Lawsuit Charges Nuance With Unfair Competition and Commercial Bribery

Tech Prom, Time Management, and the Future of Marketing: Q&A with Dave Balter

Video Startup 1Minute40Seconds Looks to Help People and Organizations Tell Engaging Stories

SocMetrics Leads Growing Cluster of Boston Startups Trying to Cash In on Social Media Tech

Spark Capital’s Todd Dagres on NY vs. Boston, What’s Beyond Social Media, and Why Tech Investing Is Better Than Making Movies

Yesware’s E-mail Plug-In Works “Down in the Trenches” with Salespeople to Close Deals and Kill Data Entry

How’s That Stretchy, Bendy Stuff Working Out for Ya? MC10 Looks to Turn Flexible Sensors and Solar Cells Into a Growth Business

Anatomy of a $256M Acquisition: The Story of DynaTrace, Compuware, and Bain Ventures

TeraDiode, MIT Lincoln Lab Spinoff, Trying to Create the Future of Laser Weapons & Welding


Top 10 Life Sciences and Energy Stories:

Boston-Power Pulls In $125M, Shifting Focus and Most Operations to China to Get Its Battery Tech Into Electric Vehicles

Fraunhofer CSE, with Roots in Post-WWII Germany, Eyes South Boston Building as Energy Efficiency Test Bed

Xconomist of the Week: Bob Langer’s Advice for Turning Foundation and Government Money Into Startup Success

George Scangos, the Boy from Working Class Boston, on His Road Back to Lead Biogen Idec

Black Coral’s Rob Day Talk Cleantech By Way of IT, Why Evergreen Solar’s Bankruptcy Isn’t the End, and Boston’s Energy Future

Harvard Accelerator Program, Proving Its Mettle with Startups and Pharma Partnerships, Looks to Raise Big New Fund

Acceleron, Celgene Take Aim at Amgen’s Multibillion-Dollar Anemia Market

Stéphane Bancel, Former bioMérieux CEO, Talks Future of Startups, Diagnostics, Pharma

Advanced Cell Technology Starts Human Trials of Embryonic Stem Cells Under Strict FDA Supervision

Zafgen Pockets $33M to Take Obesity Drug Through Next Big Step in Clinical Trials