Betaspring Unveils 11 New Startups from 2011 Summer Program at Demo Day

[Updated 3:00pm, see below] Providence, RI-based Betaspring, a seed-stage accelerator program in its third year, is holding its Investor Demo Day down in the Ocean State today. Eleven young startups, between three months and a year old, are presenting to an audience of venture capitalists, angel investors, entrepreneurs, and media. Looks like most (if not all) of them are Internet software or mobile-related.

Here’s a quick rundown on this summer’s class, courtesy of Betaspring founder and managing partner Allan Tear:

Intuitive mapping and wayfinding solutions for indoor spaces

Keeping teens and parents in touch over a private, mobile network

Easy marketing scorecards to help companies grow faster

Speech-to-text for mobile professionals, integrated directly with CRM systems

Relationship marketing platform for realtors and home owners

Translate Abroad
Translate Chinese writing into English using your mobile phone

Matching landlords with prequalified renters

Enabling dinner groups to form, plan, and grow dinner parties

Study Egg
Increasing learning performance for college students with short activities via smartphone

Custom clothing platform delivered through digital tailoring technology

…and the final company has a name and logo that I can’t read. Orb? Corb? (No website.) [Update: I’m told it’s Gorb.]
Bringing skill-based wagers to mobile gaming

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