Flexible Electronics Startup MC10 Adds $2.25M from Windham

Cambridge, MA-based MC10, a startup that designs stretchy, bendy electronics for various applications, said today it has completed its Series B financing with an additional $2.25 million from New York-based Windham Venture Partners. That brings the total round to $14.75 million, with North Bridge Venture Partners and Braemar Energy Ventures having previously invested.

Windham is known for its investments in life sciences, medical devices, and diagnostics. MC10 says the venture firm’s expertise “will boost MC10’s commercialization efforts across medical device and healthcare applications.”

Three-year-old MC10 is working on a number of health and wellness devices for consumers and healthcare providers, including “electronic skin” that can measure a person’s heart rate, activity level, and hydration, and a balloon catheter equipped with sensors to assist with heart procedures. The company, led by CEO Dave Icke, is also working on other kinds of devices such as portable, flexible solar cells and mini image sensors.

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