Springpad Announces Facebook Integration for Tracking Friends’ Likes and Accessing Them When You Need Them

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further organize Friends’ Stuff according to their location. So, if they’re in a certain city, they can see all the places their friends have been to or liked in a given area, making travel to a new location a lot more meaningful, says Janer.

For now, Springpad is just pulling in data from Facebook, but is working on Foursquare integration for upcoming releases, and will make sense of user reviews of a given restaurant or store to determine what places friends actually like versus where they have simply visited, says Janer. Future releases will also better slice and dice the data so users can find the Facebook friends with preferences most similar to theirs.

When my colleague Greg last wrote about Springpad, it had just released an update offering more organization and personalization, and it boasted about 500,000 registered users. That number is set to hit 2 million this month, Janer says.

Spring Partners is also just starting the process of fundraising for a new round, which will ideally close around when it pushes out its next big release (in a few months), focused on customizing notebook templates for specific tasks like trip- or menu-planning, says Janer.

While the Friends’ Stuff feature is being announced today, it will be rolled out to all 2 million users over the next couple of weeks, Janer says. Users can sign up to be let in and will be notified when it’s ready for them.

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