On-Q-ity Founder and Genzyme Vet, Mara Aspinall, Moves to Roche’s Ventana Medical

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Mara Aspinall, the founder and former CEO of Waltham, MA-based On-Q-ity, has moved on to become president of Ventana Medical Systems, an Arizona-based division of healthcare giant Roche that focuses on cancer diagnostics. The appointment was announced in a press release today and is effective next month.

Aspinall is well known in the diagnostics world, having previously served as president of the genetic testing unit of Cambridge, MA-based Genzyme. On-Q-ity, which started in 2009, focuses on molecular diagnostics for cancer. The startup’s website still lists Aspinall as a founder and director, but makes no mention of a successor (or search for one) yet.

Xconomy profiled On-Q-ity last summer and earlier this year, when the company formed a strategic alliance with LabCorp to help commercialize its technology for detecting circulating tumor cells in the blood.

“My career has been about asking what is the greatest need for patients? The greatest need for patients today is in increasing the efficacy of treatments available now,” Aspinall said at the time. “We’ve made such progress with new drugs, we need to use diagnostics to improve the information the physician has if we want to improve how we use those drugs.”

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4 responses to “On-Q-ity Founder and Genzyme Vet, Mara Aspinall, Moves to Roche’s Ventana Medical”

  1. naostring says:

    hmmm… How do you become founder of a company, if the company is created by merging two other companies (CELLectiveDX & DNA Repair Co.), none of which you founded?

    The lady smells like a typical Bain&Co BS-er, in the tradition of Mitt Romney and Meg Whitman…

  2. nanostring says:

    … yeah, that’s what I thought: checked the 7/7/10 Xconomy article that is linked here, and nowhere it says Founder in there. Seems like something she shamelessly misappropriated later on.

    The reason this is of interest to me is that I never could figure out who was the main driver at Genzyme Genetics: was it this Aspinall woman or was it my CEO, Brad Gray, who worked for her.

    Now that I see how shamelessly she hogs credit, I am more inclined to think that Gray was the main guy there and she was just hogging credit.

  3. nanostring says:

    More on the Bain&Co. sleazebags from the Boston Globe:

    What an incubator of creeps that outfit is!