XSITE 2011: The Entrepreneurship Era. First We Brought You Pictures, Now We Have A Video.

Xconomy editor Gregory Huang declared official recess for the heavy events season in Boston’s technology and startup communities. After a week that included WebInno, TechStars Demo Day, Angel Bootcamp, and an awesome all-day innovation forum, I’m not objecting.

But we don’t want you to forget about this year’s installment of XSITE: The Xconomy Summit on Technology, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship, (the aforementioned forum) held at Babson College last week. Lucky for you, we have a three-and-a-half minute long video that should be able to hold you over until our next big event, which you can expect once the temperatures start cooling off. This video comes on top of the photo gallery we put out Tuesday.

As a refresher,  XSITE 2011 looked at what we’ve dubbed The Entrepreneurship Era, through the lens of speakers like Sycamore Networks founder and A123 Systems chairman Desh Deshpande, Intellectual Ventures’ Edward Jung, Pattie Maes of the MIT Media Lab, Gilt Groupe’s Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, and TripAdvisor founder and CEO Stephen Kaufer. There were also crops of executives of IT, healthtech, and cleantech companies, entrepreneurs who’ve graduated from incubator programs, venture capitalists, and a smattering of people with suggestions or complaints for the innovation ecosystem.

Sounds great, right? Bummed if you weren’t there? Well, lucky for you, this video offers snippets of the talks by Deshpande, Wilkis Wilson, Maes, Jung, and a ranter (can you guess which one he is?), as well as some off-stage interviews.

The video also gives a great snapshot of the diverse audience we drew, of investors, academics, students, consultants, accountants, and entrepreneurs working on startups in the Web, IT, mobile, biotech, and education spaces and more.

Speaking of startups, this video was put together by Pixability. The Cambridge, MA-based company helps businesses without video-editing staffers (Xconomy, for example), put together quality promotional videos. They send you the Flip cameras, you gather the clips and send it back to them, and voila! OK, it might be a little more work than that on their end. Either way, check out the resulting product below or here.

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