XSITE 2011: The Entrepreneurship Era. The Day in Pictures

Xconomy Boston — 

Close to 400 people showed up to Babson College last Thursday for our flagship all-day event, XSITE: The Xconomy Summit on Innovation, Technology, & Entrepreneurship. This year’s conference focused specifically on what we’ve called The Era of Entrepreneurship, taking a look at a driving force in innovation and social and economic impact.

We kicked off the program with keynoter Desh Deshpande, founder of Sycamore Networks and chairman of A123 Systems. His address looked at the intersection of technological and social innovation as a big force in entrepreneurship and innovation. His talk helped set the tone for the day, which contained a mix of keynote addresses, chats with entrepreneurs, debates, panels, a ranting session, afternoon breakouts on cleantech, healthtech, and infotech, and a series of 12 early-stage startup pitches to end the day.

Beyond Deshpande, the day’s speakers included MIT’s Phil Sharp, Sage Bionetworks co-founder and president Stephen Friend, Gilt Groupe co-founder and chief merchandising officer Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Edward Jung of Intellectual Ventures, the MIT Media Lab’s Pattie Maes, TripAdvisor founder and CEO Stephen Kaufer, FitnessKeeper co-founder and CEO Jason Jacobs, Spark Capital’s Todd Dagres, entrepreneur and investor Lee Hower, Marginize founder Ziad Sultan, serial entrepreneur Joe Chung, a crop of cleantech startup CEOs, healthtech company founders like Bob Fabbio of Whiteglove, and many, many more.

Xconomy editors Wade Roush, Greg Huang, and Luke Timmerman stepped in for a few sessions as moderators, but we also had John Landry, CNET’s Martin LaMonica, and Daniel Isenberg of Babson College.

Most of these speakers you can see below in photos, taken by Keith Spiro of Kendall Press (click on the images for larger versions). We hope you get a sense of the mix of content and speakers. Not pictured, however, is the much-buzzed-about rant that was rapped by Boston College professor and entrepreneur Drew Hession-Kunz before we all broke for lunch. Sorry if you missed it. Ask someone who was there, if you’re so curious.

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