Startup Attendees and Speakers Flock To XSITE for Full-Day Summit on The Entrepreneurship Era

[Updated 6/15/11, 5:55 pm]. See below Earlier this year, it seems that Washington, DC (and much of the rest of the country) started to identify something that we here at Xconomy have known since our inception: that entrepreneurship will be a major force in driving technology breakthroughs and economic growth.

So what better time to shape our flagship event (XSITE-The Xconomy Summit on Innovation, Technology, & Entrepreneurship) even more around entrepreneurship than it usually is? The theme of this year’s event is The Entrepreneurship Era. We’ve populated the day with keynote addresses, plenary sessions, CEO chats, breakouts, panels, demos—even a rant-and-rave session. They examine various aspects of entrepreneurship, from Founders Stories to Managing Growth to Entrepreneurship Driven By Technological and Social Innovation, and all are tied together with the common thread of entrepreneurs daring to think big—in areas like venture investing, drug development, energy, and ecommerce.

As always, a large portions of our audience will be made up of entrepreneurs and investors. This year’s event will also have the highest number of startups (speaker and attendees) XSITE has seen yet. With two days still to go before the event, we’ve tracked 98 startup companies who have signed up to be at XSITE this Thursday. [Updated: Earlier we reported 74 startups as registered, but we received another rush of registrations and tracked some that we missed in the first list.] Check out the full list of startups below (those participating in the program are marked by an asterisk). If we missed your company, let us know. And if you want to be part of the crew, be sure to register, and we will add you to the list. There’s even a special startup rate.

  1. 1366 Technologies*
  2. 1Minute40Seconds
  3. Adaptive Machine LLC
  4. AdUpon
  5. AHT Enterprises
  6. Altaeros Energies*
  7. AM Strategy
  8. Artvenue
  9. BayTech Services
  10. BEAN
  11. Beta Ltd.
  12. Boston Device Development
  13. Carefuze
  14. CloudSwitch*
  15. Collaborative Reasoning
  16. CoolChip Technologies*
  17. CraveLabs
  18. Daily Grommet*
  20. Digital Lumens*
  21. Doxsite
  23. Embera NeuroTherapeutics
  24. Enhanced Outcomes
  25. Eragy
  26. Family Health Portfolio
  27. Fenugreen
  28. Fergen
  29. Fitness Keeper*
  30. FloDesign Wind Turbine
  31. Gilt Groupe*
  33. Goodplates
  34. GoodTwo
  35. Greenbean Recycle*
  36. Halley Tucker’s Book Box
  37. Hamburger Corporate Management
  38. HanGenix, Inc
  39. Harvest Power*
  40. imedcenter
  41. Immuneering
  42. InCrowd
  43. Innovation World
  45. Jaoovation
  46. Joule Unlimited*
  47. Kyruus
  48. Licensecompanion
  49. Loom Decor
  50. M.E.Me
  51. Made in the Commonwealth
  52. Marginize*
  53. MC10
  54. MessageAMP LLC
  55. Mobilife
  56. NetBlazr
  57. New Leaf Legal
  58. Oasys Water*
  59. OmniStrat
  60. OP Energy/Downeast LNG
  61. OpSaniTx
  62. OsComp Systems*
  63. Pathogenica
  64. Performable*
  65. Picsha
  66. PlasmaLogic LLC
  67. Play140
  68. PoKos*
  69. Privy
  70. Progeny Solar
  71. Proper Cloth*
  72. Qliance Medical Management*
  73. Radaris
  74. REBIScan*
  75. Redstar*
  76. RSV 1
  77. SCME
  78. Senexx
  79. Skill – Guru
  80. Smarterer*
  81. SocialSci
  82. Solar Machines
  83. Sportlyzer
  84. Springleaf Therapeutics
  85. Startup Community Innovation Centers
  86. STELLAService*
  87. Strohl Medical*
  88. Swifton CFOs
  89. Take the Interview
  90. TeenLife
  91. Textaurant
  92. The Portfolio Partnership
  93. Truventis
  94. Verona Systems
  95. WaySavvy*
  96. Whiteglove*
  97. Xpertise LLC
  98. Zarzatech

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