Tell Us Why You’re Mad—or What Will Make You Glad: We Are Looking for Rants and Recommendations on Entrepreneurship

We know you’re out there.

You have gripes about the way innovation is done, in Boston or beyond—or ideas for how to make entrepreneurship and innovation even better.

Maybe one of those pet peeves is that Silicon Valley is poaching all the hot young tech talent from the East Coast. We get it. We’ve all heard about it, read about it, talked about it, written about it. But that gripe probably won’t get you on stage at XSITE (the Xconomy Summit on Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship), which will take place on June 16, at Babson College.

You heard me. We’re offering you a public platform to sound off your discontent with, or your best idea for, entrepreneurship: whether it’s surrounding funding, tech talent, government support, R&D, academia, or office space. You tell us.

We want some of the snarkiest, most passionate people we can find—with real, legitimate concerns and ideas—who can stir up the pot before we all break for lunch next Thursday. We will choose a few people—two or three, say—with the most original and interesting rants or recommendations to share their views with the XSITE audience and gain even more fame by being written up in Xconomy. If you haven’t already registered and we choose you, you ‘ll get a free ticket to the event. If you have already registered, we’ll let you bring a guest. And either way, you’ll also get a $25 coupon for use on Gilt, the high-end fashion site co-founded by one of the XSITE speakers.

So email us ([email protected], or [email protected]). Tell us what you’d like to sound off about and why. This soapbox portion of this day is supposed to be electric, so don’t hold back.

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