David Cancel, Stephen Kaufer, Katie Rae, and Others Join XSITE Program on June 16

As we hurtle towards XSITE 2011, our full-day conference on June 16 at Babson College, a few thoughts come to mind. The theme this year is “the entrepreneurship era”—the idea that there is increased attention to startups and company-building as a key to revitalizing the U.S. economy. But now that entrepreneurship is at the top of the nation’s domestic agenda, a lot more people need to understand the real challenges of starting, building, and investing in companies—and they want to know the practical things they can do to carry out their vision.

Towards that end, we are in the process of adding a number of new speakers—entrepreneurs, investors, executives—to the program. They bring important (and entertaining) lessons from their entrepreneurship and company-building experience.

Here are just a few of the latest speakers we’ve confirmed:

Katie Rae, managing director of TechStars Boston. Katie is helping to lead our startup “Xpo,” in which 12 early-stage entrepreneurs working in tech, life sciences, and cleantech will give short pitches to the audience, which will get to vote on its favorites.

David Cancel, founder and CEO of Performable. David will speak on a technology panel focusing on “founder’s stories”—the trials and tribulations of starting, building, and (sometimes) selling IT businesses. In addition to Performable, he helped found Compete.com, Lookery, and Ghostery.

Stephen Kaufer, founder and CEO of TripAdvisor. Stephen will be on a panel about “managing growth”—which he knows something about, given TripAdvisor’s rocketship ride over the past decade. And now it gets really interesting, with the company’s plans to spin out of Expedia as an independent public company.

Paul Sellew, CEO of Harvest Power. Paul will join a discussion of the most game-changing companies in the cleantech sector that are going commercial. Harvest is opening a big West Coast waste-to-energy facility, and it just scored more than $50 million from Al Gore’s firm, Generation Investment Management.

Sean Creeley, co-founder of Embed.ly. Sean has the distinction of going through both the Y Combinator and MassChallenge incubator programs. He’ll talk about his experiences in getting mentorship, and getting his Internet startup off the ground.

Ben Gardner, founder and president of Linkwell Health. Ben will speak on a health-tech panel focused on new approaches to healthcare and wellness. Linkwell has a very interesting model that you’ll be hearing more about soon.

These speakers join an already stellar lineup of luminaries, including Desh Deshpande of Sycamore Networks and A123Systems fame; Edward Jung from Intellectual Ventures (former chief architect of Microsoft); Nobel Laureate Phil Sharp from MIT, Biogen, and Alnylam; Alexandra Wilkis Wilson from Gilt Groupe; Joe Chung from Art Technology Group and Redstar Ventures; and Pattie Maes from the MIT Media Lab.

You can register for XSITE 2011 here. We’re looking forward to seeing you on June 16.

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3 responses to “David Cancel, Stephen Kaufer, Katie Rae, and Others Join XSITE Program on June 16”

  1. sarah ransom says:

    For Stephen Kaufer of Trip Advisor
    Havent been able to contact anybody at tripadvisor even after three emails requesting a crule and personnel listing that was posted on the Trip advisor web site.
    My managress of 12 years is now so upset from the posted review which is personel very crule and it also names her.
    She wants to now leave her employment with us as she feels so ashamed of the comments made about her.
    The review was placed by a person who has done one contirbution, came to us in april and has just decided to post somthing now 3 months later.
    Does that not seem slightly suspicios ?
    I have run my tearooms for 21 years and have been running it successfully no changes always popular with locals, we put our heart and soul in to our tearooms and other people see our sucess.We dont expect our reputation to be ruined people who can clearly abuse the trip advisor site quite feely, it is not monitred correctly, How can it be, no names,or way of even knowing if that person ever came to the restaurant.
    I now have a manageress who is extreamly distraught and wants to leave because of a trip advisor posting.
    It is quite clear from the emails requestingfor the post to be removed that your team are so out of touch with the devistaion and upset it causes, as they never romved it even though it was a horrible personel attack on her probly from an exmember of staff.
    I have never had this happen
    Your trip advisor site on the whole is an inginouse idea but it is also subject for abuse by people- competition and exstaff who may wish to bring upset and is a playground for people who wish to post, crule rasist and personel comments, as they are clearly not looked into properly by who sent them ect , but that is impossible i guess, as the postings would not of happened, and they would of removed in the first instance.
    It is just so upsetting for us who have a great buisness and work so hard at it.but are a targeted by jelouse competitors or disgrunteld staff.
    From a very unhappy tearoom owner who now has a harder job than ever.