Mobile Madness 2011: The Photo Gallery

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for Mobile Madness 2011: Getting Down to Business on Wednesday at Microsoft’s New England Research & Development Center in Cambridge, MA. As I mentioned yesterday in my post-event recap, the capacity crowd was in lean-forward, close-listening mode as leaders of the mobile scene in New England and beyond debated the future of 4G, the accelerating evolution of mobile interface technology, the opportunies for mobile payment infrastructure providers, the future of mobile applications inside enterprises, and much more.

We had an impressive lineup of speakers who helped us pack so many thoughts-per-minute into the event that I, personally, needed a day or two to think it all through. The list—and we’re extremely grateful to all of these folks for their time and for their support of the local technology community—included Santiago Becerra from Mellmo, Jeff Bussgang from Flybridge Capital Partners, Walt Doyle from Where, Meredith Flynn-Ripley from HeyWire/MediaFriends, Steven Glapa from Ruckus Wireless, Chuck Goldman from Apperian, Hasty Granberry from Fig Card, Anthony Kinney from Microsoft, Pete Lancia from Qualcomm, John Landry from Lead Dog Ventures, Michael Libenson from SavingStar, Mark Lowenstein from Mobile Ecosystem, Rich Miner from Google Ventures, Ted Morgan from Skyhook Wireless, Andrew Paradise from Aisle Buyer, Mike Phillips from Vlingo, Matt Revis from Nuance Communications, Roy Rodenstein from AOL, Mort Rosenthal from Enterprise Mobile, Steven Saltman from Zizzout, Paul Schaut from Modiv Media, Aaron Sheedy from Swype, Ken Singer from Ondeego, Mike Sievert from Clearwire, Drew Volpe from Locately, and Stephen Wolfram from Wolfram Research.

Many of these speakers are pictured in the photos below, which were taken by Keith Spiro from Kendall Press (thanks Keith!). I made sure to include a few photos from the “Location Smackdown” segment of the program, where Doyle, Morgan, Rodenstein, and Volpe debated the stickiness and sustainability of mobile businesses built around location awareness. At the end referee John Landry asked the crowd to anoint a winner—the company most likely to dominate in its category—and it was a close contest between Where, represented by Doyle, and Skyhook, represented by Morgan. In the end Morgan took home the precious Xconomy Mobile Madness Smackdown Trophy (which, as I explained yesterday, was actually an old golf trophy that Landry’s wife wanted to get out of the house).

Wade Roush is a freelance science and technology journalist and the producer and host of the podcast Soonish. Follow @soonishpodcast

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