RentJuice Gets Kahoots

San Francisco-based RentJuice, a provider of software enabling property managers and real estate brokers to manage rental listings, announced today that it bought Boston-based competitor Kahoots and is opening an office in the city. The customer data from Kahoots, a rental marketing technology startup founded in 2006, will be integrated into the RentJuice platform, which offers ad syndication to other real estate websites, and provides listing sharing, lead tracking, and paperwork generation services. RentJuice, which last month raised $6.2 million, did not reveal how much it paid for Kahoots, whose founder Janak Sanariya will stay on as RentJuice director of East Coast operations.

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3 responses to “RentJuice Gets Kahoots”

  1. TheDavester says:

    Not sure I see much value in the RentJuice site. It’s geared toward getting listings to rental brokers. The problem is, the business of rental brokers has gone down the path of print classified ads thanks to Craigslist. Landlords don’t want to pay some broker to “find” someone for them, when they need only post an ad to Craigslist and the calls will come in.