Hologic Buys Interlace for $125M

Xconomy Boston — 

Bedford, MA-based Hologic, a provider of diagnostics, medical imaging, and surgical products for women, announced today that it has bought Interlace Medical of Framingham, MA, for $125 million in cash. Interlace, which makes a hysteroscopic tissue removal system, will be integrated into Hologic’s (NASDAQ: HOLX) gynecological surgical products business. The deal also includes two annual contingent payments, which will be a “multiple of the incremental revenue growth over the prior year,” according to the announcement.

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2 responses to “Hologic Buys Interlace for $125M”

  1. Erin,

    Nice to see your coverage of the Hologic move. They are one of our quiet but mighty local business titans. It would be good to get their execs more visible at your events or other Boston tech scene happenings.