5×5 Big Ideas Forum: Photo Gallery

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Thanks again to all who helped make Xconomy’s “5×5: Five Cities, Five Big Tech Ideas” forum a smash hit this week. I wrote up a quick recap with a few takeaways from the event here. Now it’s time for the pictures.

We heard keynote talks from Boston-area innovation stalwarts Bill Warner and Bob Metcalfe (the latter gave a “terminal keynote” and closing observations). We took deeper dives into five of the potentially most transformative companies in our network of cities, from Joaquin Silva of On-Ramp Wireless, Mick Mountz of Kiva Systems, Craig Labovitz of Arbor Networks, Roger Reynolds of TerraPower, and Tommy McClung of CarWoo.

We also got to hear “burst” presentations from Sarah McIlroy of FashionPlaytes, Dug Song of Duo Security, Bettina Hein of Pixability, Iker Marcaide of peerTransfer, and Joe Viola of Prysm.

And we got to ask questions, schmooze, drink beer and wine, and enjoy some cool demos from Avaya, Turnstone, Prysm, Duo Security, and peerTransfer. Thanks again to the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology for supplying such a great space.

Special thanks to Keith Spiro from Kendall Press for snapping some great photos, which I’ve stitched together below.

You can click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of Keith’s shots:

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