Get Radical, Practically—And Before Almost Everybody Else, With Special Ticket Offer for Xconomy’s 5X5 Forum

Xconomy Boston — 

How do successful innovators define new industries and transform existing ones? How do successful companies maintain their dominance when conditions get tougher? The key, argues Fast Company co-founder William C. Taylor, is change.

Of course, mastering change is no small feat. “The work of deep-seated, sustainable change remains the hardest work there is,” writes Taylor. Not to fear, though. Taylor’s spent the last few years studying how dozens of organizations in a host of fields have confronted change and harnessed its power to achieve dramatic success—and he’s collected the lessons from those case studies into the forthcoming book Practically Radical.

Now, here’s an idea that’s just plain rad: The first 25 people to register at the regular rate for the December 8 event, “5×5-Five Cities, Five Big Tech Ideas,” will get a copy for Practically Radical from Taylor once it’s released in bookstores on January 4, 2011. No fancy maneuvers necessary, just register now and if you’re among the first 25 to get a regularly priced ticket, we’ll send you an e-mail with more details. Regular tickets to the event just went on sale, so you are in plenty of time if you act fast.

You can find out more about the event, which features startups promising big change from the five cities in Xconomy’s network (Boston, Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle), and the tickets here on our registration page.

As for the book, Practically Radical breaks the gargantuan challenge of change into strategies and techniques that are, well, practical. (Taylor, a member of the Xconomy board, has some personal cred on this front: He helped shepherd Fast Company from a blank sheet to a $340 million sale in just six years.) And on December 8, Xconomy is showcasing a host of companies from around the country pursuing new ideas and technologies that are thrillingly radical.

The book and the event both promise unique access to the people and companies that are proving just how powerful change can be. So sign up soon, and we look forward to seeing you on December 8.