Warner, Shah, Landry Among Top 10 Boston Angel Investors, According to ChubbyBrain

Which angel investors in Boston have the biggest wings? Check out this blog post by ChubbyBrain, a New York-based provider of Web-based information tools for entrepreneurs, which rounds up some of the individuals who have done the most deal-making in the Boston area.

The post lists 10 individual Boston-area investors who tech entrepreneurs looking for funding might want to keep their eyes on. It directly links to their Twitter handles, as well as detailed biographies and lists of investments the angels have made. After Chubby already rounded up some of the most stalk-worthy investors in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, this post helps dispel the perception that Boston doesn’t have the vibrant community of individual investors that its West Coast counterpart does.

Some of the angels who made Chubby’s list include Lead Dog Ventures founder John Landry, Avid founder Bill Warner, and Hubspot founder Dharmesh Shah. Between the entire group, the local companies funded include Cambridge’s Backupify, Oneforty, and Marginize; Boston’s PeerTransfer, Practically Green, and FitnessKeeper; and a slew of others in the social Web, gaming, supercomputing, and software spaces.

Read below for the full top 10 list from Chubby:

Roy Rodenstein

David Cancel

Dharmesh Shah

Brian Shin

Bill Warner

John Landry

Lee Hower

Will Herman

Andrew Payne

Joe Caruso

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