Solx Gets $3.7M

Xconomy Boston — 

[Updated and corrected, 11:50 am, 10/25/10] Solx, a Sudbury, MA-based medical device company developing a treatment system for glaucoma, has pulled in $3.7 million of an equity offering that could total $7.2 million, an SEC filing reveals. [Editors‘ Note: we originally cited Solx as being based in Medway, MA, but that is the PO box of the company. Its operations are in Sudbury.] Members of MVM Life Science Partners have seats on the Solx board of directors, according to the filing. Solx, which launched in 2000 and worked out of the business accelerator program at Boston University’s Photonics Center for four years, operated as a subsidiary of Canadian firm OccuLogix (NASDAQ: OCCX) from 2006 to December 2007, when Solx founder Doug Adams reacquired control of the company. Solx’s products for treating glaucoma include a shunt, a laser, and a sensor.