Genzyme Cancer Treatment Doubles Remission Rate

Xconomy Boston — 

Cambridge, MA-based Genzyme (NASDAQ:GENZ) reported data today  from its late-stage clinical trial that compared its drug clofarabine (Clolar) in combination with chemotherpy with chemotherapy and placebo. The firm said that patients in clofarabine-chemotherapy treatment combo arm of the study did not live longer than those in the chemotherapy and placebo arm, but the clofarabine group did show an overall remission rate of 47 percent. Genzyme plans to continue development of clofarabine for adult myeloid leukemia. “Of importance, the Clolar combination doubled the overall remission rate to 47 percent,” said Hagop Kantarjian of MD Anderson Cancer Center, in a statement. The clofarabine-chemotherapy combo treatment was initially developed by Stefan Faderl and others at MD Anderson, according to Genzyme.