DataXu CEO Mike Baker on the Online Advertising Startup’s Move Into Mobile and Video

Things are evolving quickly over at DataXu. Six months after announcing a new $11 million round of venture financing, the Boston-based online advertising software firm has expanded its focus to help its corporate customers reach a wider swath of consumers wherever they are.

Earlier this week, DataXu (pronounced “Data Zoo”) rolled out what it calls “the industry’s first three-screen demand side platform.” That’s online ad-speak for giving digital advertisers new tools for optimizing how, when, and where they place ads across the Web, video, and mobile devices. So the company now gives buyers of online display ads a way to make spending decisions across these separate digital channels.

“It’s a big change for us—a big addition,” says DataXu CEO Mike Baker, who was previously a vice president with Nokia (after its acquisition of his startup Enpocket). Baker is also an active angel investor in digital media, and was formerly a partner at venture firm GrandBanks Capital.

DataXu’s core technology helps online advertisers decide which ad purchases are most likely to pay off in terms of click-throughs and conversions. It analyzes dozens of parameters such as the location of the viewer, the day of the week and time of day, and the content of the ad. The software does all of this 100,000 times (or more) per second, “learning” as it goes by measuring actual click-through rates for ads the engine has placed. The startup’s 50-odd customers include big companies such as Ford, American Express, and Adobe, says Baker.

By expanding to mobile and video, DataXu is positioning itself as one-stop shopping for advertisers who want real-time information on consumer behavior across all available digital channels—especially mobile advertising, which might finally be ready for prime time. The company’s new product includes tools to measure consumer intent through surveys and other kinds of engagement metrics, Baker says.

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