A Closer Look at IBM’s Recent Massachusetts Acquisitions—Some Trends and Analysis

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DataPower (2005)
Network devices and software for processing XML messages

iPhrase Systems (2005)
Software for sales and customer support, and content management for e-commerce

Bowstreet (2005)
Application development tools and Web-based services

MRO Software (2006, $740 million)
Asset and service management software to help companies buy and maintain equipment and facilities

Watchfire (2007)
Web application security and compliance testing software

WebDialogs (2007)
Software for online meetings and communications, conferencing, and collaboration

AptSoft (2008)
Business event processing software to find trends and connections in market events

Cognos (2008, $4.9 billion)
Software for business intelligence, performance management, workforce analytics, and business event management

Diligent (2008)
Data storage and deduplication software

FilesX (2008)
Data storage and protection software

Ounce Labs (2009)
Security and compliance tools for software development

Guardium (2009, $225 million?)
Software for database monitoring and protection, regulatory compliance, and business analytics

Storwize (2010, $140 million?)
Data storage and compression software

Unica (2010, $480 million)
Marketing and Web analytics software

OpenPages (2010)
Compliance, governance, and risk management software

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