Yottaa Gets $4M, Releases Website Performance Monitoring Service

Cambridge, MA-based Internet startup Yottaa announced today that it has wrapped up a $4 million Series A financing round and has launched a free, beta version of its tool for analyzing website performance.

The funding comes from General Catalyst Partners, Stata Venture Partners, and Cambridge West Ventures. Yottaa‘s first product, Yottaa Insights, enables consumers to track various measures of website performance, such as the time taken to load the page, the complexity of a page, and how well a page’s network and servers perform. It also allows companies and websites to link the data to their traffic and overall business performance using Google Analytics, and diagnose and correct the sources of page performance issues.

Yottaa was co-founded in 2009 by Coach Wei, the founder and chairman of Nexaweb Technologies, a Burlington, MA-based maker of software for converting traditional computer applications to run on the cloud. Analog Devices founder Ray Stata is Yottaa’s chairman.

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One response to “Yottaa Gets $4M, Releases Website Performance Monitoring Service”

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