HBA Boston: Up in the Air: Techniques for Making the Most of a Career Transition

The state of the economy has impacted every level of healthcare. With the current business environment many highly successful and tenured professionals find themselves either worrying about the longevity of their current role or working diligently to find the next opportunity where their skills and contributions will be recognized and rewarded. Whether by choice or as the result of a downsizing you will likely be presented with a transition during your career.

This evening session will focus on career transition and is applicable to those who are happily working, in career transition or thinking of exploring a future career or employer change. It will include a panel discussion with an experienced human resource professional, business communications consultant, and transitioned healthcare sales professional. Discussion will focus not only on taking charge of your career transition with strong communication skills and awareness of the HR process, but also on preparing for an anticipated change and working through a forced transition. Participants will have a chance to rotate through group breakouts with more time spent on topics of particular interest to them.

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