Lucky 13: Xconomy Boston’s Top Stories of 2010 (So Far)

Ever feel like you can’t catch up to the endless stream of news and information bombarding you in the tech-business world? Well, today we’re going to get caught up, at least a little bit.

Having just landed back in Boston this week, I’ve been getting up to speed on all of our stories and sources here—and I’ve been thinking about ways to expand our coverage while focusing on what we do best. Along the way I’ve made a list of my 13 favorite stories of 2010 so far (see below). If you haven’t read them yet, please do.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m the new editor of Xconomy Boston and I feel like it, that’s why. But seriously, I want to highlight the quality of work we’re doing here, and I want to make sure our best stories keep getting read, even if they didn’t pass through the Twitter stream two seconds ago. And no, none of the following stories were written by me.

So here’s a rundown of some of the best stuff we’ve done in Boston this year, in reverse chronological order. They span startups and well-established companies; up-and-coming business leaders as well as household names; news, features, and Q&As; healthcare, software, and hardware—and, of course, the iPad. Enjoy:

John Glaser, Boston’s Top Hospital Geek, Talks About Obama’s Health IT Plan and Getting Booted from Catholic School

Tim Berners-Lee and Group of Boston Web Gurus Leading New MIT Class to Get Linked Data to Market

Prysm, Maker of Laser Screens, Quietly Breeds a Large-Display Revolution in Concord

Boston’s LED Cluster: Lighting Up Everything From Projectors to the Pru

Cooking with the Genzyme Recipe: New Players Funding Rare Disease Drugs in Boston

The Real Truth About the iPad: A Non-Early Adopter Tests It Out, Pronounces It Lckig=ng (Typed on an iPad)

ThredUP Site Aims to Tie Together Loose Strings of Children’s Used Clothing Market

Foursquare Is No Fad, Argues Founder Dennis Crowley; Xconomy’s Podcast and Q&A

Reinventing Progress Software—Boston’s Next Billion-Dollar Company?

New E Ink Leader Sees Colorful Future for Company Under Taiwan’s Prime View International

Prominent Flatley Family Launches Boston Nonprofit for Cystic Fibrosis Drug Research

TripAdvisor: The Travel Company That’s Really All About Data

Carbonite Eyes IPO, Aims to Be the Symantec of Online Backup

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One response to “Lucky 13: Xconomy Boston’s Top Stories of 2010 (So Far)”

  1. Gregory T. HuangGregory T. Huang says:

    I neglected to mention a few notable stories from my Seattle comrade, Luke Timmerman. Of course, very polite (how quickly we forget).

    The Genetics Institute Alumni: Where Are They Now?

    Vertex, Worth $7.5B, Eagerly Awaits Final Proof that Hepatitis C Drug Works

    Chairman Bill Young: Next Biogen Idec CEO May Be a Scientist

    Avila Aims to Trump Vertex With Drug That Hits Hepatitis C Virus and Won’t Let Go