The Name Game: Our Rebranding Poll Asks Readers to Weigh in On Recent Startup Name Changes

Xconomy Boston — 

What’s in a name? Well, an awful lot, of course, and perhaps especially when it comes to companies and their brands. A good name evokes what the company does, and it is memorable—creating a virtuous cycle that reinforces the brand and leads to increased sales and other good things.

I got thinking about this, specifically as it relates to New England companies that had recently rebranded themselves, in connection with a private breakfast Xconomy held last week around health IT.

One of the firms present was mobile health technology company Healthrageous, which recently changed its name from HopSkipConnect. Correspondent Ryan McBride and I got talking about the name change, and that sparked the idea of surveying readers about that and other moniker reboots. A quick canvassing of our editors, and behold the list below of eight New England companies (two, TaskRabbit and Vidly, have now moved to the Bay Area) that have rebranded in the past year.

I personally think some are home run changes, while others…not so much. But we’d like to see what you think, and I’m sure the companies would, too. (Right, companies?) So take the poll and we will review the results in a few days with the help of some expert commentary as we look at which companies were most successful in their rebranding, and which might have fallen short of the mark.

And in the meantime, if you know of any other examples of notable name changes—for better or worse, and in any of our Xconomy cities of Boston, Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco, or Seattle—please send them along to [email protected] We might just use them in a future poll.

Here are the companies, old name first, with the new name after the hyphen, followed by a brief description of what they do. You choose whether the new name is better than, worse than, or essentially the same as the original.

Company No. 1:

Company No. 2:

Company No. 3:

Company No. 4:

Company No. 5:

Company No. 6:

Company No. 7:

Company No. 8:

Thanks for voting. Again, answers and commentary coming on Thursday.