Meet Greg, and Say Goodbye to Wade, Next Tuesday at Cambridge Brewing Company

By now most Xconomy fans know that we’re in the middle of a big game of musical chairs inside the company. Well, next Tuesday night will be your chance to join the fun. We’re throwing an open party at the Cambridge Brewing Company, at One Kendall Square in Cambridge, to welcome Greg Huang, who’s leaving our Seattle office to become the new Editor of Xconomy Boston, and to give a sendoff to Wade Roush, who’s leaving Boston to become Editor of Xconomy San Francisco.

The festivities begin at 5:00 p.m. The first few towers of beer are on us, so show up early!

For the whole back story about the developments at Xconomy, see Bob’s story about the opening of Xconomy San Francisco, his subsequent story about the staffing changes, Luke and Wade’s manifesto for the San Francisco bureau, Greg’s ode to innovators in Seattle, and Wade’s goodbye to Boston.

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