Momentum Summit

Future Forward hosts a half-day summit focusing on the question: How do small start-ups with a brilliant idea turn into big businesses?

From the event site: “You’ll hear Constant Contact chief executive Gail Goodman describe how her company acquires customers at a price that makes sense – and retains them for the long haul. Steven Kaufer, co-founder and CEO of TripAdvisor, will explain how his start-up came back from the brink of extinction and grew into a network of travel sites that now attract 45 million visitors a month. ZipCar CEO Scott Griffith will share the tactics that have been most effective in building his company into the biggest car-sharing network in the world. Retail Convergence (, Rue La La) CEO Ben Fischman will talk about reinventing the rules of online retail at a company expected to earn nearly a quarter of a billion dollars this year. VistaPrint’s chief marketing officer, Trynka Shineman, will explain how her company uses free offers to bring in new customers and ensures that they’re profitable at the first transaction. Akamai co-founder Tom Leighton will talk about some of the crucial decisions made in the first year of that company’s life that contributed to its success. No slides, just a moderator, a whiteboard, and lots of questions from the audience.

Moderating the conversations will be entrepreneurs and investors like Antonio Rodriguez (Matrix Partners, Tabblo); Lee Hower (LinkedIn, PayPal); Laura Fitton (oneforty); and David Cancel(Performable, Compete).”

Information and gegistration here.