Citizens’ Committee on Boston’s Future

David Luberoff, executive director of the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, sent in the following notice:

“Have a great idea about what Boston can do to make itself more competitive in the 21st century? Then Citizens’ Committee on Boston’s Future is looking for you. The Committee, which was appointed by Boston City Council President Mike Ross, is soliciting proposals from people who want to make a 3- to 5- minute presentation at the Committee’s next meeting, which will be held on Thursday, June 10 from 4 to 6 pm at Boston’s Institute for Contemporary Art. Proposals for presentations can be posted on the Committee’s Facebook page or emailed to the committee at [email protected] Those who don’t want to make a presentation are also welcome to attend the meeting and, after the meeting, to tour the ICA for free as well.”