Vertex Awaits Results of Hepatitis C Drug Trial, Helicos and Pfizer Cut Jobs, St. Jude Acquires LightLab, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News

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shutting down eight sites and downsizing at six other sites, to eliminate a total of 6,000 jobs.

—Ryan took a look at Zeo, a Newton, MA-based maker of a sleep tracker that has garnered the praises of celebrity talk show host Regis Philbin. This month the startup, founded in 2003 by three Brown University students, first aired infomercials for its product, which uses a headband to pick up electrical signals in users’ brains and muscle movements, and sends the data to a device that graphs sleep patterns and can wake users at an optimal time.

—Darien, CT-based biopharmaceutical development firm Cytogel Pharma raised $2.2 million in a mixed offering of equity and rights, an SEC filing revealed.

Arsenal Medical, a Watertown, MA-based stealth mode biotech startup, pulled in $10 million in a second tranche of its Series C financing, bringing the round’s total to $18.2 million. The company was founded by some top names in biotech, including Genzyme (NASDAQ: GENZ) co-founder George Whitesides and Bob Langer, the MIT inventor known for his advances in drug-delivery technology, and is quietly developing bioactive materials.

—It was a big news week for Bob Langer, who also co-founded Seventh Sense Biosystems, a Cambridge diagnostics company that’s developing a device to collect blood samples less painfully. Ryan caught up with the CEO of the startup, whose technology could be useful in monitoring drug dosage levels or spotting infection.

St. Jude Medical bought LightLab Imaging, a Westford, MA-based coronary imaging technology developer, for $90 million in cash. St. Jude (NYSE: STJ), the St. Paul, MN-based cardiac devices giant, expects to add $20 million to its revenues in the second half of the year with the acquisition of LightLab, a company making a diagnostic catheter system that uses infrared light to capture images of tissue, which the FDA cleared this month for sales in the U.S.

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