Calling All Innovators: Strut Your Company’s Stuff in Xconomy’s June 17 XSITE Xpo

Attention tech entrepreneurs: We’re looking for a few good startups to tell their stories during the climactic “Xpo” segment of the Xconomy Summit on Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (XSITE) at Babson College on June 17.

What’s the Xpo? Well, if XSITE were an elegant, absorbing, tightly woven sentence about the work high-tech innovators in New England are doing to reinvent the U.S. economy, then the XSITE Xpo would be its exclamation point.

This final portion of the day-long XSITE conference is a lightning-presentation contest featuring three-minute multimedia presentations by executives at 12 groundbreaking startups. The XSITE audience will vote via text message for their favorite companies in each of our three categories: life sciences, energy/cleantech, and Web/software/IT.

So if you’ve got an up-and-coming company in one of those areas, come to XSITE and compete for the Xpo bragging rights. To nominate your startup for the Xpo, write to us at [email protected] Tell us why your company is cool and send us some basic info like your Web address, your physical address, and how we can contact you.

If you’re still in stealth mode and you’d like to come out during the Xpo, all the better—we’ll keep your secret until June 17. And if you’re too deep in stealth to even think about presenting but you’d still like to check out the competition, we welcome you at XSITE too. In fact, we just introduced a special startup rate designed to make the conference more affordable for innovators from companies that are under three years old and with fewer than 20 employees.

Last year’s Xpo, at Xconomy’s inaugural XSITE conference, featured high-energy presentations from 12 amazing companies, with Alzheimer’s drug developer Satori Pharmaceuticals, MIT energy spinoff Witricity, and location data provider Skyhook Wireless collecting the audience-favorite prizes. (Witricity founder Eric Giler will be back at XSITE this year to give a keynote “Innovator Profile” presentation.)

Xpo presenters will be eligible to attend the full XSITE event at no charge. And as in 2009, we’ll feature the Xpo finalists in a showcase article leading up to the conference.

So contact us now—we’ll review all of the nominations and let you know very shortly whether you’ve been selected to participate. Thanks!

Wade Roush is a freelance science and technology journalist and the producer and host of the podcast Soonish. Follow @soonishpodcast

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