Wiggio Wraps Up $2M

Wiggio, a Cambridge, MA-based maker of online groupware for college students, has raised $1.95 million in equity-based funding, according to an SEC filing. The company wasn’t available for comment at press time, but the filing lists Stephen Marcus and Thanasis Delistathis of New Atlantic Ventures as Wiggio directors. Wade profiled Wiggio in 2008, when he wrote that the startup’s first angel investor was Bob Doyle, a Boston tech veteran perhaps best known for co-inventing Merlin, Parker Brothers’ popular handheld electronic game.

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One response to “Wiggio Wraps Up $2M”

  1. Emily says:

    Wiggio just launched version 2.0, which makes it even easier to work together. User base has now grown to over 700,000 and an iPod app is in the works for within the month. Check it all out at http://www.wiggio.com