The Vertex Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Jaren Irene Madden, vice president, life sciences, Feinstein Kean Healthcare [Added: 11:30 am Eastern, 4/29/10]

Robert Mashal, CEO, NKT Therapeutics

Robert McKelvey, principal and creative director, McKelvey Design [Added: 5:10 pm, 6/1/10]

Hal Meyers, founder, ProXyChem

Manuel Navia, executive-in-residence, Oxford Bioscience Partners

Debra Peattie, director of strategy and planning, Cubist Pharmaceuticals

Vicki Sato, professor of management practice, Harvard Business School

Jeff Saunders, head of chemistry, Agios Pharmaceuticals

Robert Silverman, vice president and general counsel, Concert Pharmaceuticals

Nancy Stuart, chief operating officer, Concert Pharmaceuticals

Shin-San Michael Su, vice president of drug discovery, interim chief scientific officer, Agios Pharmaceuticals

Roger Tung, co-founder, president, CEO, Concert Pharmaceuticals

Jeff Williams, president and CEO, Addicere Pharmaceuticals

Robert Zelle, vice president of drug development, Concert Pharmaceuticals

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  1. Robert McKelvey, Principle and Creative Director at mckelvey design