The Vertex Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Tom Auchincloss, independent investment management professional

Joshua Boger, board member Vertex Pharmaceuticals, various nonprofits, co-chair of Progressive Business Leaders Network

Lee Brettman, chief medical officer, Alnara Pharmaceuticals

Lynne Brum, strategic communications advisor

Iain Buchanan, CEO, Novexel

Mark Carthy, managing partner, Orion Healthcare Equity Partners

Pravin Chaturvedi, chief scientific officer, Napo Pharmaceuticals

Doug Cole, general partner, Flagship Ventures

N. Anthony (Tony) Coles, president and CEO, Onyx Pharmaceuticals

Jess Frykholm, systems administrator, Sermo

Scott Harbeson, vice president of research, Concert Pharmaceuticals

Bart Henderson, president and founder, Rhythm Pharmaceuticals

Jugnu Jain, co-founder, Saarum Sciences [Added: 11/26/11]

Julius Knowles, head of platforms, strategic alliances, Novartis

Justine Koenigsberg, senior director of corporate communications, investor relations, Concert Pharmaceuticals

Freda Lewis-Hall, chief medical officer, Pfizer

David Livingston, senior vice president of biology, Ensemble Discovery

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